Top 8 – most bike friendly cities in the world

Copenhagenzie, a Copenhagen based design company, releases every year a report with the best cities for urban cycling. For their rankings, they consider several factors, such as traffic, safety and infrastructure.

In their latest top, the one from 2017, the eighth place belongs to Ljubljana, Slovenia. A visit during the summer is most worth it, to explore the city’s bike paths, as well as gorgeous mountain trails.


Antwerp, Belgium takes the seventh spot. It is well deserved, given that cycling is one of the main means of transportation in the city. There are plenty parking facilities, as well as a great bicycle sharing system.


On the sixth place comes Bordeaux, France, a city with beautiful views and a widely accessible bike share system, the V3.


Malmö, Sweden is a modern and multicultural city, perfect for cyclists of all ages, since the area is flat. Moreover, it has a residential complex designed especially for cyclists, with wider doors and zero parking spaces for cars. It thus lands on the fifth position.


With over 300 miles of bike routes and plenty of shared bikes, Strasbourg, France comes next, on the fourth position. Cycling is the best way to enjoy the city’s superb surroundings.


The third place belongs to Amsterdam, Netherlands. The city has many bicycle parking spots and devoted biking paths. Despite the increase in the number of scooters, from 8,000 in 2007 up to 35,000 in 2016, it retains its position on the list. Efforts are made to reduce bicycle congestion and improve infrastructure.


The silver medal goes to Utrecht, Netherlands. The city refuses to be overshadowed by its big brother, Amsterdam. 33,000 parking spots for bicycles will be ready at the Central Station, by 2020, making it the largest facility of its kind in the world.


Copenhagen, Denmark claims the gold medal, for the second time in a row. It well deserves the top spot, thanks to large investments in new infrastructure for cyclists. Since 2015, eight new copenhagenbridges for bicycles have been opened, while four more are under construction.


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