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Because this year is the year of superheroes, Thor returns for all his fans. With some small surprises, but especially without his hammer, Thor will have to overcome his biggest fears.

Let’s have a look at the story of the movie!

Closed, almighty Thor finds himself in a gladiatorial contest against Hulk, his former ally. Thor must fight for his survival but also against time to prevent Hela, his sister, from destroying Asgardian civilization.

In his first attempt to stop Hela, Thor reaches another world where everything is taken to the battlefield for amusement, capital punishment, and torture of those who oppose the system. Here, the Thunder God will have to defeat the best champion in this world to gain his freedom. The champion will be none other than Hulk, a friend who will also help him to return home.

This time the team will grow, Loki being on the side of the good guys, along with Hulk, Thor and Valkyrie (an Asgardian who, in her last fight against Hela, has lost her entire family and in this situation she chose to reject her origins).

How did the movie look like?

With a duration of 130 minutes (2 hours and 10 minutes), Thor: Ragnarok has a story that is going out of the phrase “save the Earth” and enters to a fantastic segment from the first moments to the end.


-It builds a story based on human principles which should be followed by us every day: each can overcome a difficult time, you need to do what you promise to, the good done to someone is rewarded and evil is always punished. In short, it’s a classic movie in terms of superhero stories.

– The special effects are at the level of expectations. You will see the most exciting moments in slow motion and this is a plus to the message of the moment.

– It’s not a cliché love.

– You will enjoy actress Cate Blanchett, winner of the Oscar.


– The movie does not have a real ‘wow’ tale that motivates the continuation of the Thor series. From our point of view, we do not see such an intriguing idea which worth creating a new film.

– A good part of the film does not focus on the main issue – the destruction of the world by Hela, but rather how Thor tries to survive without his hammer on a foreign planet.

With more points than against, we are pleased. What do you think?

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