The Sibiu Jazz Festival 2017 is approaching

Do you love jazz? Go to Sibiu Jazz Festival Competition in November and discover the emotion of competition.

If jazz makes you fell with each cell the fever of music and besides that you are an artist in the field, you have time until Monday, September 18, to enter for the International Jazz Contest in Sibiu.

From 10 to 12 November, the Thalia Hall in Sibiu will host the last jazz event of the year.

With a history of four decades, the International Jazz Contest in Sibiu brings together lovers of the genre and talented young people aspiring to the great prize awarded by the organizers. Over the years, the Sibiu Jazz Festival was a launching run for the most important jazz artists in Romania, and winning a prize at the event is an honourable title for any performer or band.20525956_10155814876019734_2187138187125041256_n

For the first time since its launch, the Jazz International Contest is taking place in a different period than Sibiu Jazz Festival. In other words, we can say that the year of jazz in Romania begins and ends in the heart of Transylvania, Sibiu. It is already known that for 47 years, the Jazz Festival in Sibiu is a starting point for all the profile events in the country – which is in May, and starting from this year, the series of 2017 jazz festivals will also be closed in Sibiu.

Over the course of the three days, spectators will be able to enjoy high-quality live music and, on the last night, they will be able to take part to the gala awards.

The Competition generates a bonding line between generations of musicians. It is a line that carries on a mission designated many years ago by the Sibiu Jazz Festival, the mission to discover, promote, and educate young talented musicians in the spirit of freedom and solidarity generated by the jazz music.

There aren’t any Romanian jazz musicians, not to be influenced in their evolution, in a way or another, by the Competition and the Sibiu Jazz Festival, the organizers said.


Whether you are one of the contestants or a jazz amateur, join one of the most important jazz event!

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