Tesla’s new semi truck has a 800 km range

Do you know those sluggish, slow and rather dirty semi-trucks? Well you can now forget everything about them, since Tesla unveiled an all-electric truck. It promises a much better experience for truck drivers, while also reducing the cost of cargo transport.

As with everything Tesla, this is no ordinary machine. With a 36 tones load, it can reach 96 kph in 20 seconds, which compares to about a minute for a typical diesel truck. Without the trailer, it will sprint from 0 to 96 kph in 5 seconds. That’s faster than a sports hatchback.

The Tesla Semi also has an Autopilot feature, with lane keeping assist and departure warnings, emergency braking and event recording. According to Tesla, the new truck can travel in convoy with other Semi trucks too. Moreover, there is no gear lever or button, because the Semi has no transmission. Additionally, its regenerative braking helps the regular brakes last much more than usual.

What about the Semi’s range? According to Tesla, the truck’s massive battery pack ensures a 800-kilometres driving range. Recharging will be ensured by a new network of Megacharger charging stations. The stations promise an 80% recharge, good for 600 kilometres in just 30 minutes.

The electric motors are those used in the Model 3. Moreover, the Semi is designed to last for 1,6 million kilometres, under the most demanding conditions. The cabin is centred around the driver, a pair of touchscreen displays being mounted either side of the wheel.

The truck can be reserved for $5,000, the production being scheduled to start in 2019. We really hope Tesla’s Semi will resonate with truck drivers and fleet managers. However, it will face stiff competition, since truck companies such as Daimler and Cummins have also announced plans for electric models.



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