Supersonic commercial flights are getting closer to reality

Imagine a flight from Shanghai to Los Angeles taking only 5 hours or a flight from Tokyo to San Francisco taking 5.5 hours. In recent years, several startups have worked hard on bringing the new Concorde to the market.

One of these players is Boom Technology, which has raised $ 85 million in funding from investors, including Virgin Atlantic Airways. Moreover, the Denver based company has supporters in Asia as well. At the end of last year, Japan Airlines invested $ 10 million to order 20 aircraft designed by Boom Technology, aircraft due to be launched in 2023.

Ctrip – the largest Asian tourism provider with 300 million registered users – has become China’s first strategic partner in the Chinese market this spring.

“China promises to be one of the largest markets for supersonic air travel. The demand for air travel is incredibly strong, “says Victor Tseng, commercial director of Ctrip, according to CNN Travel.

“In addition to a growing middle class and a higher income, the Chinese are increasingly interested in spending money on experiences. Travel has become an important form of seeking happiness.”

Boom announced that in 2019 plans to test the XB-1, a supersonic prototype with 2 seats. If everything goes according to the company’s plans, the production of a supersonic aircraft , capable of flying 2.2 Mach, equivalent to over 2,700 km / h or twice the speed of sound will begin.

Thus, a trip from Shanghai to Los Angeles, which normally lasts 12 hours, will not exceed 6 hours with Boom.

“Chinese foreign tourists made 130 million trips in 2017 (according to the travel report of Ctrip). As less than 10% of Chinese hold a passport, future growth in this area is very promising, “says Tseng.

“Currently, Asia-Pacific countries are the most popular destinations among Chinese foreign tourists. Major reasons are shorter distance and reduced travel time. ”

Compared to Concorde, which has 92-128 seats, the Boom will be able to carry 55 passengers.

Even with fewer seats, tickets should be more affordable. Moreover, if a New York-London ticket with Concorde had a price of about about $ 11,000-13,000, the same Boom trip will cost about $ 5,000.

Boom Technology is not the only company to launch a supersonic commercial aircraft. NASA recently announced a partnership with Lockheed Martin to develop a supersonic aircraft prototype with a quieter sonic boom. If everything goes according to plans, the aircraft developed by NASA and Lockheed Martin should be completed by 2021.

Similarly, Spike Aerospace in Boston also plans to launch the S-512 Supersonic Jet.

We cannot wait for supersonic planes to become the norm, so we can travel faster from one city to another.


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