Split (2016) – review

A psychological and a horror movie? Well, let’s see what we’ve prepared for you! Split is a movie that will surely captivate you.


The film focuses on the psychological field, more specifically on mental illness. Kevin Wendell Crumb (played by James McAvoy) suffers from a highly controversial and analysed disease: dissociative identity disorder.

Most cases were with patients with no more than 2 alter egos, but Kevin “manages” to develop multiple personalities due to the crucial elements of his life. Kevin attends his therapist sessions with no more than 23 personalities, each of whom is absolutely unique and has an important role in “defending” the true self.

In addition to the psychological field, the biological-human element is also reached. Each personality had a sensitivity or medical condition that the other person did not have, which in reality is discussed and analysed by the specialists in the field.


What did we like?

– It’s really hard to get into the character’s skin and bring it to life, but to create 24 characters with different typologies and peculiarities … that’s really incredible!

– The psychological nature. It is a film that manages to analyse several psychological principles in a niche case with a relatively small frame of performance: the psychologist’s office and Kevin’s house.

– The way those three girls play. One is willing to do anything to escape, the other has more patience to gain the confidence of the kidnapper, and the last one (the one who actually saves herself) is the only one who thinks what could do step by step. Each of them approaches the situation differently, managing to reach more vulnerable elements in each person’s life. The most important element is the spirit of self-preservation that each of us applies best when everything in our lives is at the limit.

The objective element. The psychologist (Betty Buckley) is the key to the film – the only one that can stop Kevin.


What didn’t we like?

– For a man in the field (psychologist / scientist) the film is not 100% accurate. For example, one of Kevin’s personalities is highly sensitive with some tics which are going to exaggeration. James McAvoy manages to portray this character, but not entirely. A person with such a condition is much more typical and much more difficult to master.

The exaggerated element – turning a man into a person with super powers. From a scientific point of view, there are conceptions that accept the human ability to modify certain functions at the cellular level, but not to change the entire structure through a 5 minute will process.

The film brought good reviews worldwide, with 12 nominations at international film festivals and 3 awards. The film had a budget of $ 9 million with nearly $ 280 million income.

If I raised your interest then you can prepare for about 2 hours of suspense in Kevin’s company.

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