Shape of Water – review

The new movie that has won the Golden Globe and has been nominated for an Oscar (for 13 categories!) is on cinema. How is the movie and what should we expect?


The director of the film is Guillermo del Toro, is one of the screenwriters at the same time. He won a Golden Globe for this film, and he has been nominated this year for Oscar as well.

What are the stars of the movie?


Sally Hawkins as Elisha Esposito, Michael Shannon as Richard Strickland, Richard Jenkins as Giles, Octavia Spencer as Zelda Fuller. Sally Hawkins is known for her roles in Blue Jasmin, Godzilla, Jane Eyre, Happy-Go-Lucky. She has 87 nominations and 46 awards for her roles so far. Richard Jenkins was recognized for his role in The Visitor, Let Me In and Bone Tomahawk. Octavia Spencer is one of the most beloved colorful actresses, already an Oscar-winning actress. Over the years, she has starred in films such as Hidden Figures, The Help, Fruitvale Station.


What’s the story of the movie?

Elisa (Sally Hawkins) had, during childhood, an attack, after which she has been left without vocal cords. In order to earn a living, she works in a military unit as a servicewoman. Her colleague and her best friend, Zelda (Octavia Spencer), is the one who teaches her what to do and helps her every day with everything she needs.

Everything will change for Elisa when in the unit comes a container full of water and a … fish? A top secret mission was to hunt a creature that was by some venerated and feared by others.

The purpose of bringing it to the unit? To dissect it and learn its secrets. At a time when the Russians and Americans were in a fight over the supremacy in technological evolution (but other fields were targeted also), this first element became the ace in the sleeve.

Elisa and Zelda will be those selected to clean the area where the amphibian is located and held captive.

This is how will begin the interaction between the two of them, and how Elisha’s decision to take care of him will form. Why she will decide to save him, how she will do it, and how she will escape from Richard (Michael Shannon) you will see in theaters.


What did we like?

It’s a movie with some really amazing special effects. The story is one that reminds me of the Avatar movie (the amphibian shines), the Greek legends and myths, and The Steadfast Tin Soldier, all with an absolutely awesome musical moment in which Zelda will sing her love. Simply wow!

Elisha’s role is extremely complex. To transmit the emotion of each moment it’s used the voice and the intonation as the most important tool. The fact that she manages to live every moment at a palpable intensity even she cannot talk, it’s really incredible.


What did we not like?

There were times when the story was a little exaggerated to fit into the Hollywood typical. The musical moment was a wonderful one, but it was too much for a movie that already had a well-defined structure and point. To be more precise – a musical hold by the person who cannot sing!? Of course, this is the whole moment and the “magic” of it, but it is too much.


The conclusion? An exciting movie, to which you will not get bored and you will not miss and a bit of action. This is, of course, if you want to enjoy a love story which is… atypical.



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