Oslo – the northern city

For those who have not been in a northern city before, I recommend a really special place: Oslo, the capital of Norway.

If you are accustomed to the Nordic simplicity you need to know that you will not be disappointed. People are extremely warm and willing to help you with any little problem you have. Moreover, English is not a problem – from the bus driver to the man in the corner shop, everyone will know what you say.

What did we like in Oslo?

Public transport! Would you have thought of drinking from a vending machine coffee on the train? Those in the north have an affinity for digitizing the services that every man would want in his life.

Space is well divided, enough to stretch your legs after a long day of work, but at the same time, there are areas for people with disabilities or who need a larger area in the public transport.


What do you deserve to see here?


Nobel Peace Prize Center

The Nobel Peace Center is actually the Nobel Peace Prize museum. Here you will find information about the peace prize winners, but also about their work. You can find out about who Alfred Nobel was and why he created the Peace Prize.

The Center also acts as a meeting point for those who want to discuss important social issues. The center encourages several types of exhibitions, both permanent and temporary, guided tours, various events and family activities. The purpose of these actions is to encourage the analysis of several subjects on issues related to war, peace and conflict resolution. The Nobel Peace Center has gained international recognition for using documentary photography and interactive technology.

The Nobel Peace Center is an independent foundation funded by a mix of private donations and government subsidies. More than 250,000 people visit the Center each year.


The Viking Boat Museum

If you’ve looked at the Vikings series and since then you’ve dreamed of seeing a Viking boat alive, then Oslo is the place to visit!


You will see two natural-sized boats and many other elements specific to the Viking culture: jewelry, utensils, sleds and interactive presentations.


Oslo Opera House

Known as the Oslo Opera House, the building houses the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet, as well as the National Opera Theater.

If you want to visit a bold project in terms of construction and design, you have to get to the Norwegian capital. Built half on land and half on water, the project received the cultural prize at the World Architectural Festival in Barcelona (October 2008).


Vigeland sculpture park

Oslo’s Vigeland sculpture park is Norway’s most visited park. If you are a passionate culture, you must learn that it was dedicated to the sculptor Gustav Vigeland. The sculptor, one of the most prominent of the country of the Fjords, spent two decades in order to achieve the artistic creations, leaving them as an inheritance to Oslo residents.


Akershus Castle

Akershus Castle is one of Norway’s most important monuments. As a royal residence, administrative center and fortification, Fortress and Akershus Castle was the scene of special events.

The castle was built in 1299 on the order of King Hakoon V, to protect the country’s capital from external threats. After numerous arson and battles, the fortress was rebuilt to resist new combat methods.

Today, the castle houses the Museum of the Norwegian Armed Forces as well as the Norwegian Resistance Museum. If you want to visit the fortress, you can do this from May to September.


The Royal Palace


This is a symbol of the independence of the Norwegian state from 1814. Its construction began in 1924, using brick as the main material, and the style used was the neoclassical one.

What you need to keep in mind is that it is not open to the public all year, but only during the summer. However, for those visiting outside the “program”, you can enjoy the palace park and the ceremony of changing the guards.

There are many other goals worth seeing in the Scandinavian capital. We recommend that you spend at least 4-5 days in Oslo, to enjoy all the museums, parks and monuments that are truly special.

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