Movie lovers will meet this summer at TIFF

Film lovers have received good news these days: the Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF) returns with a special edition for a memorable summer. The 19th edition of the most important film event in Romania will take place between July 31 and August 9.

Organizers promise to mark this year with outdoor screenings, in the same well-known holiday atmosphere and a program as expected. Unirii Square in Cluj-Napoca is waiting for moviegoers from all over the country at the opening gala of the event and in the same place they will say goodbye to the closing gala. Enthusiastic young people, Romanian film personalities and filmmakers who write the history of today will gather to enjoy remarkable selections of films, seminars, workshops and programs dedicated to the film industry.

We have the chance to be with an audience that, in all these months of isolation, has told us that it is waiting for and supporting us. We are ready to apply all the protection measures imposed by the authorities for outdoor spaces and we hope that, as soon as possible, we will also have the confirmation of the norms for the screenings in cinemas. The entire organization will prioritize the safety of the spectators “, declared Tudor Giurgiu, the president of the festival in an official press release.

At present, safety measures are being taken into account in the current conditions, which will not prevent the smooth running of the event, and the program will be adapted in accordance with the rules in force. In this sense, the outdoor projections will take place in delimited spaces, and people will be able to sit on chairs at a safe distance from each other. The colors dedicated to the access of the spectators will have as purpose the triage of those present, in order to respect the necessary protection conditions.

Currently, most European countries allow 50% of the interior space to be occupied. Therefore, the interior projections will be confirmed on the planning line according to the measures taken by the authorities for the activity within the cinemas.

The good mood and passion of those present every year at TIFF meet this summer in a new context.

We have started with many new program ideas, but as the scale of the festival will be affected this year, we will keep some of them for the next edition, when things will be back, hopefully normal. But we promise to usually an eclectic concentrate of new and retrospective archive titles, the traditional themed section, Full Moon movies, exceptional national and documentary focus, special programs and events, plus a serious and more than welcome dose of goodwill. Staysafe remains the watchword, risk-taking films still have their privileged place in the festival “, promises Mihai Chirilov, the artistic director of TIFF.

For starters, Transilvania Pitch Stop, the largest program dedicated to the film industry at TIFF, will take place both online and offline, giving filmmakers the chance to share with the public the latest projects this year. Moreover, young people at the beginning of the road are encouraged to develop and learn more about film and photography in the online workshop Let`s Go Digital! dedicated to high school students from all over the country.

The cultural phenomenon in Cluj would not be the same without the myriad of enthusiastic people who are looking forward to watching an art film or an innovative documentary. They are invited to meet in the evenings with movies in Unirii Square Open Air, Iulius Mall Open Air, Arkhai Sculpture Park in Vlaha, Banffy Castle in Bonţida or in the courtyard of the French Institute. Many other surprising locations and details about the full schedule are to be announced, and we are watching them for more information. 

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