Lennox Lewis considers the Mayweather vs McGregor fight to be a farce

According to former world heavyweight boxing champion Lennox Lewis, the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor is a farce. The highly anticipated match will take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, on the 26th of August.

According to Lewis:

“There is tremendous build-up and hype but I don’t really take it as a serious fight.” He also added that “nothing is ever obvious when it comes to gimmicks and hype […] Mayweather should win it.”

In case boxing champion Mayweather, now 40 years old, defeats the 29 years old Irish UFC champion, he will surpass Rocky Marciano’s perfect record of 49 fights without defeat.

According to Lewis, the match between the two is not an actual fight:

“I wouldn’t count a fight like this as a ‘fight’. He’s basically boxing a guy that is a UFC fighter and not a boxer. Everybody wants to know what’s going to happen.

Is McGregor going to throw a kick because, obviously when he resorts to boxing and realises he is no match for Mayweather, what will he do? How will he get around that?

No other boxers from 49 fights have figured out how to beat Mayweather – now a UFC fighter that doesn’t even have a boxing career is trying to beat him at boxing – I think it’s a farce to a certain degree.”

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The Briton Lewis, declared he is not willing to fly to Las Vegas to see the show, unless he is paid to commentate on it.

Still, the fight will most likely break pay-per-view records. Mayweather is expected to earn more than $100 million, while McGregor could top $70 million, excluding sponsorship deals.

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While this will probably be Mayweather’s last fight, McGregor is expected to return to UFC fights, according to Dana White, the UFC president.





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