I feel pretty – review

Do you know those movies where you feel engaged from the first second and you laugh all the time? If they happen to have a decent plotline, then it’s even better.

I feel pretty is one of those movies. It presents a few aspects with which women generally struggle every day: how do you get up to normal social beauty?

Amy Schumer plays Renee Bennett, a girl who is extremely self-conscious about her looks. Her frustration gets bigger once Renee sees that for many people around her, looking good according to certain social “standards” is a must.

Renee thus decides that she should make a change in her life. However, she soon suffers a nervous breakdown and chooses an atypical path: she makes a wish to become “beautiful”.

The change she experiences is basically only at a psychological level and she starts seeing herself beautiful. Her life changes dramatically – from the anonymous girl she was before, Renee becomes one of the most valued employees of a multimillion cosmetics company.

Lauren Hutton (a known model from the Ford Modelling Agency, who also starred in American Gigolo (1980), Once Bitten (1985), The Player (1974)) once again returns to the set as Lily LeClaire.

Michelle Williams is Lily LeClaire’s niece in the role of Avery LeClaire. She is known for her roles in Marilyn Monroe (2011) and Manchester by the Sea (2016).

The film is 110 minutes long, and the jokes will not be missed.

PS: Naomi Campbell is part of the movies as well.


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