How to buy a used car?

Are you looking for a car? Your budget does not allow you to buy a new one? Or perhaps investing in a new car is not for you right now? Let’s take a look together at how we can choose a second-hand car and what we need to be careful about.

Defining the budget

Before we look at other issues, we must decide how much we are willing to spend on the new acquisition. Then we must consider any related taxes, car registration and insurance, which should not exceed 10% of the car’s value.

What kind of car is best for me?

Obviously, in the case of a family with two children, a small car or a sports car is not the most appropriate. Space, comfort and safety are the keywords. We can therefore focus on a minivan, a station wagon or why not, an SUV, since they are so popular.

Gasoline or Diesel?

Although it has lower fuel consumption, a diesel-powered car is recommended for those who make many kilometers per year – tens of thousands, as a rule. The purchase cost of a car with such an engine is higher than that of a gasoline powered vehicle. Similarly, revision costs are higher.

However, let’s not forget that there are other alternatives: hybrid and electric motor cars. Hybrids do not have problems with autonomy and can be found at really good prices, second hand.

Car’s history

It is also important to check the chassis and engine VIN number. It should be confronted with  the VIN number from the car’s papers. We must also check whether the car’s revisions were made in time.

Optical evaluation

Physical examination of the car is also very important. We can look for signs of body repair, signs of repainting, ribbed rims or cracks at the engine block.

At the same time, we should look for rust signs on the bodywork.

Drive test

Even if the car looks and seems right, it’s important to drive it. Ideally it should be a slightly longer test drive, including an extra urban segment. Such a test would allow us to see the level of cabin noise, ergonomics, steering wheel vibrations, brakes, and seat comfort.

Calling a mechanic

Before making the purchase, it would be ideal to take the car to a car mechanic. The mechanic will check the joints, suspensions, brakes and look for rusty parts.

We hope you’ll find a car that you like and that you enjoy driving!

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