Holidays in Italy?

Would you like a temperature above 20 ° C or walk amongst the oldest buildings in the world? Italy is always a good option for all of the above.

Italy is recognized to be more of an open-air museum of living history; than a technological, business or extravagance area.

Today we will take a look at Sicily, the beautiful Italian island.

If you are a follower of cultural diversity, local customs and secret places, then this area is for you. One interesting thing in Palermo is the fact that many castles with an interesting history are habitable.

Did I say Palermo? Let’s see what this place offers us!

Located on the northern coast of Sicily, with its exit to the Tyrrhenian Sea, with old buildings and a special respect for Catholic religion. Being like Strasbourg city in size matter you can visit it in just 2-3 days.

The city is well divided with only 2-3 main thoroughfares, the rest being the streets with houses.

What we liked:

  • An old city. Do you know those pictures of traditional and old cities in the same time? Here you will have this!
  • Castles all the way. They managed to preserve up to the present day the simplest or most complex castles. You will be amazed by their beauty.

  • The sea that surrounds the whole island. Do you love the sound of the waves? Then Palermo is the city where you need to stay at least 3-4 days.
  • An extraordinary pleasant weather in late October, with temperatures of 25-26 degrees at least! J
  • Ice cream! If you have heard that the best ice cream in the world is in Italy, then find out that is true! Near the coast you can find more gelaterias which can offer the ice cream of your dreams for just 3 euros.


What we did not like:

  • If you are a gourmet and the 3 meals per day with intermediate snacks are your belief, then you might be a little disheartened by their lifestyle. Being an area with a strong preservation of local traditions, you will discover how “siesta” is not just an expression. All stores (including venues) close from 13 to 16-17 (in some places maybe even more).
  • Do you enjoy cleanliness? They don’t. Given the fact that there are many improvised markets, there is a lot of garbage. Let’s not forget that the renovation of the city is just beginning, and most of the time people throw the garbage into areas of the main thoroughfare.
  • The hurried people who push you and the cars that have no rule. If you want to buy something from the store you will do with someone glued with you (literally). Crossing the street is based on the instinct of survival. This is a minus which you will encounter in many Italian cities (and not only).
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