Holidays are coming with …

Many gifts to be given. Which idea is the best fit for the ones we love or how do we choose a good gift for them? Let’s see what options do we have!

Most of the time you will find tips and gift ideas to make your choice easier, though things are not that simple. A gift should be both practical and cute, inexpensive and exact for that person, right?

For St. Nicholas, we take …

For the little ones certainly the candy option is never wrong. Every child, big or small, will love you more if they receive chocolate, sweet ginger or orange biscuits.

But when it comes to games?

We can no longer talk about a simple game of our generations. The latest polls have shown that drones and small robots are the best-rated toys for holiday gifts. However, some of them have a fairly high budget that will make any mother think twice (at least!) before buying something like that.

What options do we have?

  • Electric cars! Yes, they were in our time, but the advantage now is that they are no longer so expensive, being a very large variety of them.
  • Boarding games. Considering the lack of social activity of the little ones, we recommend board games. There you can play in teams or with a larger group. An example of this kind of gift is Activity. This is a very fun game, in which they have to talk, mimic, or draw. We fell in love with it!

  • Electric musical instruments. The little ones will be delighted to have a miniature piano, a guitar or a whistle just for them. Surely you will have music these holidays!
  • Storybooks. Depending on the age of the child you can also opt for a book, but with a more special subject, for example legends. I recently found a book with Italian legends that did not exceed 3 euros.

But for a child’s adult soul?

Most of us enjoy the smallest things we receive during this period, especially the things that remind us of childhood.

Some options:

  • Something sweet is also an option in this case. A sweet ginger or something specific to this period of time will make light everyone’s day.

  • A good book. On holidays, we have a few days of silence in which many are longing for a good book, why not a book offered by you?
  • A customized thermos. We want to start every day with a good mood and why not have our favorite coffee every morning with us for that?

For both situations, if you know the person you need to buy a gift very well, you can opt for clothes.

Help others find a solution for holiday gifts and tell us what options you have for your loved ones. ^ _ ^

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