City Break to Sibiu – Romania?

Do you have a few free days and want to go to Sibiu to enjoy a really special city? You will certainly not be disappointed with your choice.

After 2007, the year when it was named the European cultural capital, Sibiu succeeded in rebuilding from its own ash. Not only has it managed to rise up and be like cities in Belgium or France, now you can also enjoy the surrounding areas! ^ _ ^

What can you do in Sibiu?

If you are a little gourmand and want to eat something specific to the area, you have a choice from so many restaurants. People are extremely kind and willing to make you feel amazing. One of the many restaurants we liked enormously is Teatro (you can also stay here, they have very chic rooms!). A pleasant atmosphere, in a modern setting, where due to the organization and presentation you will feel their most important customer.

At Teatro you can try the best burgers! Being in love with this kind of food, everywhere in Europe, I tried to find a good place for burgers, here you will find one of the best. If you are part of this range go here and you will find decent burgers that include 2 sauces and potatoes (between 29 and about 40 lei – 5-8 euros)

If, however, you want to try some more special dishes, we have several proposals. An absolutely delicious option is the Hungarian goulash, to which you can finally add some hencleş (butter cake). We’re already craving!

Objectives Sibiu

The museums in Sibiu are really impressive through their architecture and size. The Brukenthal Museum and the Astra Museum are some examples that you can look forward to in a short visit to Sibiu. However, if you do not have too much time, a stroll through the historic center will really be a pleasure. Do not forget that in the next month you will also find the Christmas fair on the list of the best activities in Sibiu!

Something really special?

Valley of fairies? Yes, it is a real place in Romania. Just an hour’s drive from Sibiu you can enjoy an absolutely unspoiled landscape: Lakes Castles in the Fairy Valley.

It is a recently built area that wants to stand out through an attic, where the main design is inspired by stories for the little ones. The owners of the area said they wanted the restaurant to be open by the end of the year, and in one year time you could make accommodations in this place.

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