Tesla’s new semi truck has a 800 km range

Do you know those sluggish, slow and rather dirty semi-trucks? Well you can now forget everything about them, since Tesla unveiled an all-electric truck. It promises a much better experience for truck drivers, while also reducing the cost of cargo transport. read more

How to buy a used car?

Are you looking for a car? Your budget does not allow you to buy a new one? Or perhaps investing in a new car is not for you right now? Let’s take a look together at how we can choose a second-hand car and what we need to be careful about. read more

A spacecraft graveyard in the middle of the ocean

Ever wondered what happens to old satellites? After all, considering that over 4,000 satellites currently orbit Earth, the old ones can’t be simply left to float in outer space. This would create a lot of loose debris. So where do they go when they die? read more

Future without batteries? Possible.

Extending the battery life of your phone is something that concerns both manufacturers and consumers alike. But may this not be a problem?

With every new phone launch, we have new features such as resilient displays and better cameras, but longer battery for our devices is what we want the most. read more

Deadline for Google Lunar X Prize extended again

The deadline for the Google Lunar X Prize has been pushed back from the end of 2017 to the 31st of March, 2018. This is the third time the deadline has been extended, since the prize was announced in 2007. The finalists in the competition now have more time to finish their spacecrafts and send them to the surface of the Moon. read more

EV batteries: a $240 billion industry that China is interested in

Wall Street consulting firm Bernstein, predicts that electric vehicles will account for up to 40% of all vehicle purchases in 20 years. Taking into consideration that around 100 million vehicles are now produced annually, the EVs (electric vehicles) will represent 40 million, even if the total production stays the same, in 2037. read more