Are you an enthusiastic entrepreneur?

If you are thinking of changing your job and becoming an entrepreneur you are surely looking for some business opportunities. What interesting project could you begin? The most discussed topic in the last period is undoubtedly the one of sustainability – what are people doing, but especially the companies in this case? Generally speaking… nothing. Why? Most should build an administrative platform and workforce from scratch, and this is extremely costly. BUT … even if we are in an early stage of the discussion, something has changed in recent times, thanks to people with initiative but also with much determination. Some visionary entrepreneurs were Let’s Do It Romania! (Ştefan Buciuc, Andrei Cosuleanu, Anca Baniţă, Anamaria Hâncu, Ionuţ Iordăchescu) – they created an application, mobilized hundreds of volunteers to clean up a whole country and did not stop here! If you follow them, they have many other projects under development. Other ideas on the sustainability side are giving up plastic bags and replacing them with containers or introducing reusable cups/bowls into events where glass bottles are not really a feasible an option. A similar idea had a team from Cluj – it decided to invest in recyclable, biodegradable and … edible products. Yes, you read well! J Maria and Lukasz Lichtenber (her husband) decided to bring this concept to Romania, being an extremely good alternative for the standard plastic cups found at any event.

Good news incoming! read more

Simona Maxim – backstage interview about SJF

Sibiu Jazz Festival is one of the most important international events. What are the secrets, how has this concept developed and how is this festival seen?

Simona Maxim, General Manager of Sibiu Jazz Festival tells us more about the event. We do not know much about the evolution, the history or the sacrifices made by those who organized this festival. Let’s see what the magic behind the scenes is! read more

I feel pretty – review

Do you know those movies where you feel engaged from the first second and you laugh all the time? If they happen to have a decent plotline, then it’s even better.

I feel pretty is one of those movies. It presents a few aspects with which women generally struggle every day: how do you get up to normal social beauty? read more

International Jazz Day

In 2011, UNESCO declared April 30th as “International Jazz Day” for its ability to “unite people all over the world.”

In November 2011 to General Conference, the importance and unquestionable value of jazz style was recognized – ” jazz is a means to develop and increase intercultural exchanges and understanding between cultures for the purpose of mutual comprehension.” read more

Black Panther – Review

If you’re wondering what is the latest superhero movie from Marvel, then you should take a look at Black Panther.

After enjoying Captain America: Civil War, you can now enjoy King T’Challa (Black Panther). The prince returns to Wakanda, a very advanced country and he becomes king after the death of his father. However, he soon finds out that he is challenged for the throne by a long lost and forgotten prince. read more

Shape of Water – review

The new movie that has won the Golden Globe and has been nominated for an Oscar (for 13 categories!) is on cinema. How is the movie and what should we expect?

The director of the film is Guillermo del Toro, is one of the screenwriters at the same time. He won a Golden Globe for this film, and he has been nominated this year for Oscar as well. read more

Oslo – the northern city

For those who have not been in a northern city before, I recommend a really special place: Oslo, the capital of Norway.

If you are accustomed to the Nordic simplicity you need to know that you will not be disappointed. People are extremely warm and willing to help you with any little problem you have. Moreover, English is not a problem – from the bus driver to the man in the corner shop, everyone will know what you say. read more

7 things you can do in Bucharest

Do you want to visit Bucharest and want to know what you can do, what are the sights and what are the best places to see? We’ve prepared 7 things you have to do in a city break.

  1. CEC Palace

If you want to see a truly unique building from 19th century, then we invite you to go on Victory Road (close to the University) and check out CEC Palace. The construction began in 1987 on the orders of King Carol I and Queen Elizabeth. Before the works for the palace began, here were the monastery and the inn “St. John the Great “, from the 16th century. read more

Are your sneakers ready?

Are you planning to get ready for the summer already, but the Christmas meals and the late-night parties have brought you out of your rhythm?

If you want to keep your silhouette and take care of your health, you have to include into your schedule a few trips to the gym. What are the prices in Bucharest and how can we have more time for training? read more