Are you an enthusiastic entrepreneur?

If you are thinking of changing your job and becoming an entrepreneur you are surely looking for some business opportunities. What interesting project could you begin? The most discussed topic in the last period is undoubtedly the one of sustainability – what are people doing, but especially the companies in this case? Generally speaking… nothing. Why? Most should build an administrative platform and workforce from scratch, and this is extremely costly. BUT … even if we are in an early stage of the discussion, something has changed in recent times, thanks to people with initiative but also with much determination. Some visionary entrepreneurs were Let’s Do It Romania! (Ştefan Buciuc, Andrei Cosuleanu, Anca Baniţă, Anamaria Hâncu, Ionuţ Iordăchescu) – they created an application, mobilized hundreds of volunteers to clean up a whole country and did not stop here! If you follow them, they have many other projects under development. Other ideas on the sustainability side are giving up plastic bags and replacing them with containers or introducing reusable cups/bowls into events where glass bottles are not really a feasible an option. A similar idea had a team from Cluj – it decided to invest in recyclable, biodegradable and … edible products. Yes, you read well! J Maria and Lukasz Lichtenber (her husband) decided to bring this concept to Romania, being an extremely good alternative for the standard plastic cups found at any event.

Good news incoming! read more

One bitcoin values more than $10,000

While some financial experts claim the rise of the bitcoin is nothing else than a speculative bubble, the fact is that the value of the virtual currency has gone past $10,000. This makes the total value of existing bitcoins over $167bn. What should we expect next? read more

Catalonia referendum – will they be independent?

This weekend people from Catalonia chose to be independent. They voted against the struggle of Spain to stop this referendum to happen.

Spain has shown us today its ugliest and darkest face, that which we really thought had disappeared 40 years ago,” said Mario Pulpillo, 54. “You simply can’t use violence against people who just want to vote.” read more

North Korea – an imminent danger?

North Korea wants, in response to the US military threats, to test a nuclear weapon across the Pacific Ocean.

The country’s foreign minister, Ri Yong Ho, spoke with reporters in New York and told them that the final decision would have been taken by his boss, Kim Jong Un. Ri was to address the United Nations General Assembly on Friday but gave up. read more

Uber has a new CEO

Uber appointed Expedia boss, Dara Khosrowshahi to be its new CEO, handing him the challenge to lead the company out of crisis. Khosrowshahi, 48 years old replaces Travis Kalanick who resigned following investor pressure. read more

Donald Trump’s worst weeks

Donald Trump has been President for 30 weeks, but only two of them could be reasonably described as good. The rest of the weeks could be confidently described as disastrous.

We ranked below the absolute worst six weeks Trump has endured, since becoming Head of the U.S. read more