Catalonia referendum – will they be independent?

This weekend people from Catalonia chose to be independent. They voted against the struggle of Spain to stop this referendum to happen.

Spain has shown us today its ugliest and darkest face, that which we really thought had disappeared 40 years ago,” said Mario Pulpillo, 54. “You simply can’t use violence against people who just want to vote.”

Despite the police threat, Mr. Pulpillo, who uses a wheelchair, said he went to vote “to make sure this was our feast of democracy, not our humiliation at the hands of a Spanish state that believes in repression.”

Many people were revolted by the situation in which they are. Moreover, they didn’t have the right to express their right to vote or to be independent, as many declared.

The image of the Spanish state has reached levels of shame that will stay with them forever,” the leader of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, told a crowd in the town of Sant Julià de Ramis, the scene of clashes.

Today, the Spanish state has lost a lot more than it had already lost, and Catalan citizens have won a lot more than they had won until now,” one citizen said.

“If there is something to conclude from today, it is the strength of Spain’s democratic state,” Mr. Rajoy, Prim-minister of Spain, said on Sunday. “We have acted with the law and only with the law and we have shown that our democratic state has resources to defend itself against such a serious attack.

Most of the people who were on the street were between 20-40-year-old and they wanted to have a different life from which they had till now.

We’ve shown our way of making politics and changing things is very different to that of Spain,” “It’s our opportunity to create a different kind of country, even if we don’t yet know exactly how and when.

Even if Spain did all what they could to stop the referendum procedures, the voting process was not interrupted. Numbers said that more than half expressed their wish to be independent and, after the referendum, a new step will begin: the legal one in which they will have an independence declaration for Catalonia.


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