Are your sneakers ready?

Are you planning to get ready for the summer already, but the Christmas meals and the late-night parties have brought you out of your rhythm?

If you want to keep your silhouette and take care of your health, you have to include into your schedule a few trips to the gym. What are the prices in Bucharest and how can we have more time for training?

Prices vary on how often you go to the gym. If you have a hectic work schedule, we recommend you getting a card with a few monthly entries, that will help you stay in shape. Specifically, there are sessions that you can buy on the spot, or you can buy different packages (with 4/6/12 sessions) that can fit in your schedule.

It also matters what you want to do. If you can create your own training program to help you reach your desired results, then you can stick to fitness; if you are not experienced enough to create your own training regime, we recommend choosing certain training classes, conducted by an instructor. Here we can discuss about the most well known trends – yoga, pilates, Kangoo Jumps or other interesting classes.

Prices vary as well depending on the chosen gym and on training hours. More specifically, if you go to the gym in the morning (with training hours starting with 7/8 o’clock, up to 16/17 o’clock) prices will be lower than if you choose a subscription for the whole day. We are talking about prices starting from 80-90 lei to almost 200 lei, for those with a full time subscription. We know that the amounts vary enormously, but often the costs are justified.

Small gyms with a small number of training machines and coaches will have lower prices than those having 2 storeys full various training machines and sections, as well as saunas and coaches willing to hang out for tens of minutes with you.

How do we introduce sport into our everyday life?


We know it’s difficult! You have to be in the right mood, have time and of course, it would be easier going to the gym with a friend. You can start with a few appointments per month, and then you will see real benefits: a more restful sleep, your back/feet/joints will hurt less, you will start eating healthier and you will drink a normal amount of water. (You can enter here for more details about how important water is for your body and how much water you really need to be drinking)

For those who are already accustomed to training regularly, but time has become your enemy, we recommend the non-stop gyms. Sounds good? Try them!

In conclusion, physical activities should gradually become a way of life, because your health really matters.

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