8 Best Cities for Expats

Some of us dream of a job that allows us to work remotely, from anywhere in the world. Given that opportunity, whether we choose a small European village or the noisy streets of the Big Apple, is up to us. We should keep in mind though, that adjusting to a new place and a new culture, as an expat, is not always an easy task.

Fortunately, global consulting firm Mercer, released its latest annual index, 2017 Quality of Living Rankings where it ranks the best cities to live in, based on several criteria. The published top considers metrics such as economic conditions, political stability, public services and recreation.

According to Mercer, the eighth place belongs to Geneva, Switzerland. Despite being one of the most expensive cities in the world, it also offers plenty of high income opportunities. Many international organizations, such as the Red Cross and the World Trade Organization are based in the Francophone city.

Frankfurt, Germany takes the seventh spot. Frankfurt is continental Europe’s largest financial center and it hosts the world’s largest book and auto fairs. Moreover, Frankfurt is a good starting point to explore the rest of Europe.

2. Frankfurt

Düsseldorf, Germany comes sixth on the list, being an economic and cultural center. Despite being a wealthy, fashion forward and technologically oriented city, it is often overlooked in favor of its fierce rival, Cologne.

3. Dusseldorf

The fifth place is occupied by Vancouver, Canada. Vancouver is special due to its unique balance of big city life and a fierce commitment to the environment. Its citizens often go mountain biking or kayaking. You could do the same!

4. Vancouver

Next on the Mercer list, comes Munich, Germany on the fourth position. It is special because it blends restaurants, cafes and shopping malls with galleries and incredible festivals, including the notorious Oktoberfest.

5. Munich

Auckland, New Zeeland takes the third place. Fact: The Auckland Domain, the city’s oldest park, is built around the crater of an extinct volcano. Moreover, beaches are at walking distance from the city center. What’s there not to like?

6. Auckland

Zurich, Switzerland takes the silver medal – something to be expected when 99% of its population reported to be fully satisfied with life. Being in the heart of Western Europe, it’s a good starting point for visiting other countries on the Old Continent.

7. Zurich

Number one spot is claimed for the eighth straight year by Vienna, Austria. The city is known for its centuries old history, as well as for its blend of ease of living, safety and adventure. Don’t forget it is the home of figures such as Mozart, Freud and Hayek.

8. Vienna




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