7 things you can do in Bucharest

Do you want to visit Bucharest and want to know what you can do, what are the sights and what are the best places to see? We’ve prepared 7 things you have to do in a city break.

  1. CEC Palace

If you want to see a truly unique building from 19th century, then we invite you to go on Victory Road (close to the University) and check out CEC Palace. The construction began in 1987 on the orders of King Carol I and Queen Elizabeth. Before the works for the palace began, here were the monastery and the inn “St. John the Great “, from the 16th century.

The architect of this beautiful project was Paul Gotterau, dominating a Gothic and French style of that period.


  1. Casa Melik

This is the oldest house in Bucharest, built in 1750 by Hagi Kevork Nazaretoglu. Here you will also find the Theodor Pallady Museum, so the works of the famous Romanian artist will be the main attractions.


  1. Bonus info: Politehnica Metro Station

We want to share with you a secret that many Bucharest people do not know. At Politehnica Metro Station you will find a historic floor! It was paved with marble and granite slabs but … with fossils 180 million years ago! Practically every day, thousands of people from Bucharest pass through pieces of history.(literally).


  1. National Peasant Museum


Besides the museum part you will enjoy a cinema (at extremely good prices) and an absolutely wonderful bar! The beautiful part? You can often get concerts with local artists who will make you a truly special evening.



  1. The Stavropoleos Church


If you want to see something really special then you can go to the Stavropoleos church. It was built by a Greek in 1724, but in the result of earthquakes it was largely restored. One of the architects who participated in these restorations was Ion Mincu.


  1. Xenophon Street – painted street


This stepped street is close to Carol Park, painted periodically by local artists. It has no more than 220 years and 100 steps. Sound interesting, no?


  1. Rooftop bar

If you want to enjoy the city in a unique way, then we recommend you go to a rooftop bar. Some recommendations: Astrodom, Upstair, Pasha by Noah, 18 Lounge, Pura Vida Sky Bar, Silk, Sole Bar & Restaurant, SkyBar, Avantgarde Double Tree by Hilton.


Photos source: http://www.muzeultaranuluiroman.ro/, en.wikipedia.org

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